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Kaleen bhaiya or Guddu, who will be king in Mirzapur-3 ?

Super earthy web sensation “Mirzapur” will be back with much awaited vigour in third season at Amazon Prime Video. After creating a mad anticipation for successful run of two seasons, Prime Video has wowed to bring this super web series “Mirzapur” in a newest avatar. No one can deny that Mirzapur is most popular web series all over. Hence the more anticipation for Mirzapur Season 3.

Every one is visualizing the plot with new inputs. At the end of series 2 it’s clear to every audience that only two main character Kaleen Bhaiya and Guddu Pandit are surviving the ‘battle’ and hence they will be facing each other for the throne. It’s everyone’s guess to see who reign the power of Mirzapur as Munna will not be ‘alive’ after getting barrage of bullets.

Apart from this, audience will be keen to see how Beena’s revenge takes shape after a mess in personal life ends up. Also, we can expect to see some more dog fights between Guddu, Kaleem bhaiya, Gupta and Shankar families hence we can expect some tricky turns in the plot which has been surprising elements in Mirzapur Series. Web lovers are keenly awaiting as season 2 was quite delayed.

Report says after super success of Mirzapur part 2, the creators of streaming leaders Amazon Prime Video confirmed that it is now proven most-watched show on the OTT platform in just seven days of its release. Buzz is that in just 2 days of it hitting the screen 50% of the Mirzapur lovers had seen second season.
Producer of the series Ritesh Sidhwani says -“Mirzapur has crossed all expectations and after seeing keenness of web watchers on social media, we are pushed with more vigour to add new season in best ways.”

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